Christmas for kids with seperated/divorced parents

Merry Christmas everyone & welcome to my first official blogpost on this blog! 🙂

I don’t think I’m a huge blogger, I like written word but I am missing the time to actually put thought into it.
I created this blog to simply be able to share and remember thoughts I want to capture and I was saving the first one for something special.

Today, Christmas Eve 2014, might just be this something special.

Christmas is a wonderful time.
When I was a little girl I always felt like Christmas has a kind of magic to it that captures the hearts of everyone, whether they recognize it or not.
Today I recognize that we are awaiting the arrivial of Jesus Christ.
(While some people say his birthday is in May, Christmas is the official time we celebrate his arrival upon the earth.)

Jesus is the personified love, the agape of the four kinds, the ultimate expression of what it means to love someone.
So deeply, so selfless, so sacrificial that it overcomes the differences between heaven and earth, between what is spiritual and what is human, between God and flesh and between seperation and unity.
This is where the magic lies, that even when people don’t believe in Jesus or don’t want to accept what he has done, that the love is still there.
And that noone can deny it during Christmas time.
It is a time where people give more smiles, more thank yous and more kind words/actions than usual.
We offer more help, act more selflessly and are able to bury hate and old wounds for a while.

While some might consider it to be unnessecary or an act, it is there.
It is love and it is important for us to have this yearly reminder of what truly matters:
Loving each other.

Well, love isn’t always present for all of us.
Especially kids from divorced parents find themselves sort of lost during Christmas time (at least I do).
Whether it’s fights, awkward patchwork family celebrations or split up time with mum and dad on Christmas Eve, it hurts.
And if I can tell you one thing I learned from being a kid with divorced parents:
It is okay to hurt!
This was never supposed to be easy and noone, not one person walking this earth, can tell you that it shouldn’t hurt as much as it does.

It doesn’t matter how hard your parents tried, how well they get along now or how great your patchwork family works.
You are not being ungrateful for what you have by feeling pain!
As much as people are trying, we are only human and even our best will never be enough to avoid pain.
But guess what?
Now is the time where I tell you how amazing Jesus is and how your pain glorifies him this Christmas season!
(and anytime!)

He’s sorry! He never wanted you to feel this pain because it’s not his plan to divide families.It happens though and I guess that is okay because I feel great joy in my weakness, because I know that there is someone so much greater than I am. Someone who I can cast my pain on and who will take it willingly to spare me from it. YOU ARE LOVED. Even if it doesn’t feel like the storybook family who sits around the Christmas Tree all happy and joyful and IN ONE PIECE. You are still loved so so SO much my dear. And there is no amount of pain that could ever change that.

I know nothing I say could ever make the pain go away.
But Jesus can.
It won’t be easy and you might cry ( I still do and my parents have been seperated for I think 10 years now) but the pain WILL get less because you will become stronger.

I think I’m starting to ramble now but I hope you got some sense out of this.
I guess what I meant to say is: It’s okay to feel pain but as much as you might think it will, it won’t rip you apart. It won’t kill you. You will get through the pain and you will get through Christmas.
And I pray that you not only get through it, but that you enjoy it as well.
Feel the love, it’s still there.

I promise.



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