Cleaning out your life

Happy New Year everybody & welcome back to my blog 🙂

Today I wanted to share a little bit of what I am doing at the moment, just slowly and over time, but since it kind of fits in with New Year Resolutions I thought I’d share.

I am cleaning out my life!
Sounds funny right? I know.
But basically what I am doing is getting rid of things that hold me back, weight me down or are simply unnecessary.

This applies to pretty much every aspect of my life:

1) things I own: Get rid of things I don’t need / use anymore like old books, clothes, dried up nailpolish or old term papers.

2) social media: Look through instagram, facebook and youtube (the 3 things I use) and unfollow anyone/anything that doesn’t inspire me, that doesn’t enbody what I want to influence me or that simply annoys me because it is unnecessary.

3) public opinions: Free yourself from the opinions of people who really don’t matter in your life and sort through the people you have been listening to in the past year. Do their opinions help you grow into the direction you want to go in or is it better to not take their opinion into account anymore?

4) time: What do you use your time on? Does it benefit you and your goals or is it simply a waste of your time? Set yourself limits and goals to achieve and start working on how you use your time. It’s valuable!

This will take a lot of time, energy and maybe even tears as you let go of some things but it will be worth it in the end!

A more simplistic and clutter free life is what I am aiming for this year, if you are too then I hope this helped you get started!

xx, Paula


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