maybe we have infinity

A big word.
A powerful word.
Something we strive for.
Something, we would die for.
Isn’t that the point behind it all?
To live forever, to have time.
Time for what?
Time to achieve dreams, to live in the moment, to say ‘I love you’, to not wait around.
Maybe what we are actually afraid of isn’t death, but running out of time.
Maybe we long to achieve these things so badly that we can’t do them.
We see the importance of them but that is what makes us fear we will mess up.
So we put them off.
Another time.
I’m not ready yet.
Maybe we fear that we express our opinion too loudly, act too boldly, choose wrong.
But what if we are never ready?
What if we only grow by doing it anyways.
By fighting for our dreams.
By living in the moment.
By saying I love you.
By acting, instead of waiting around.
What if we already have infinity?
Maybe infinity is what is found when we act in true bravery and overcome our fears.
Maybe infinity is the space in which we grow, the space that allows joy to come in.
Maybe infinity begins, when we stop saying maybe and start saying yes.


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