now that it’s over

Now that my high-school time will soon be over (7 weeks, but who’s counting?) I find myself reflecting on a lot of things.
Especially while decluttering my room I stumble upon old treasures, secretly passed notes, birthday cards, photos and DIYs that awaken different times in my life again.
Well now that I have fully arrived in the year 2015, the year in which I will graduate, leave the country independently and turn 18, I have also fully arrived in the realization that I will never experience any of those moments again.
Not that my life is over soon or that I won’t have the chance to make new memories, but it seems that growing up also means moving on.
This makes me both sad and hopeful.
Sad, obviously, because a big part of my life is slowly coming to an end.
More so though, because looking back there are a lot of things I would make differently.
I would have more fun.
Dance more freely.
Participate in more activities.
Pursue more of the things that make my happy and that I am interested in.
Not worry about how flat my tummy is at the poolside but rather leave my laying-down-sucking-the-stomach-in position to play some ball in the water or go down the slide.
Talk to my friends more instead of texting them.
Looking around more instead of taking so many photos.
Actually talking to the cute guy, even if it’s just for a good laugh.
So just be less of a people-pleaser.
And hopeful, obviously, because I am entering a new phase of life full of possibilities.
But more so because I hope to do all of the above 😉

I hope you stop being a people pleaser!

Love, Paula



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