It’s okay to be kind

Looking at the title you might be a little confused as to what this is about.
It’s okay to be kind.
You might even consider it a necessity.
And it is!
We aren’t as kind anymore, especially the internet, with it’s endless possibilities to remain anonymous, makes it easy for us to be the exact opposite of kindness.
In my opinion it is not simply anger or past hurt that makes us mean and unfriendly.
I think that a big part of us being mean is our fear to be vulnerable.
There is a big trend to use irony and sarcasm and it has become very popular to not say what you mean.
I am guilty of that as well and I have to say that it is a lot of fun to exchange some irony with my friends.
But irony can be sharper than you think and confuse people about your intentions or even your thoughts on things.
It might be ovious to you what you actually mean and what you just say to be funny or deliver a good comeback, but others can’t look in your head.

Now to my actual point: kindness makes vulnerable.
It truly does, because then everyone knows what you actually mean.
There is no hiding behind ‘just kidding’ or ‘that was totally irony’.
You say your actual opinion and someone can comment on it and actually criticize you.
I know, it’s scary.
And it might seem like you will be ‘clingy’ or ‘too much’, but trust me, an honest “I like you” or “you are really nice” or even just a smile will make the other person happy.

It is not considered good to care anymore, we are all independent and strong and don’t need anyone, except we do.
We do need others.
We do need help from time to time.
And we do need some nice words, not just that sarcastic “you stink” as a proof of friendship 😉

So I encourage you to be kind!
Take the leap and open yourself up a little, it’ll be worth it!


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