Body Image

Body Image

I know, I know, there have been many many posts and campaigns about body image and by now you probably all know that you should love your body and not pressure yourself too much, so why read another post?
Well if you’re reading this then probably because you still don’t quite buy it.
And I have to admit I didn’t and am just starting to now.

It is challenging to write an article about something that is so public yet so undone.
Let me start by making some points that I think are missing in nowadays body-image.

1) Your body is not an object.
And it drives me wild that we treat it as though it is.
We treat our bodies as though they are completely seperate from us, simply a tool to get us places and live life as best as possible.
As a burden we have to carry and a problem we have to deal with.
Yet your body is nothing like that!
Your body is an essential part of who you are and it cannot be objectified because it belongs to you.
Every time we judge someones body, we objectify that person because truly we would never tell them face to face that their hips should be a little wider and if their toes were only a bit less curved they had it all.
Your body is unique and a part of who you are.
It tells people about you and even about your life.
It holds a history nothing else in your life can or will.

2) That is to say, your body does not define you.
You might have saggy arms.
People might notice it.
So what?
The world does not stop spinning, people will not stop being friends with you (and if they are then you deserve better friends) and you will never remember an event and think back to your saggy arms.
But, you can likely change your saggy arms and it might make you feel more comfortable in your own skin so if you want to do something about it, do it.
Just know that it won’t turn your world upside down or give you a new found outlook on life.
You’ll have slim arms and that’s that.

3) Your ‘perfect’ body is not someone elses ‘perfect’ body.
There is no perfect body.
And you might have an image in your head of what that looks like but someone else has an entirely different picture in their head.
It is senseless to try to achieve this image because your body has a certain shape to it and you can go with it and be healthy and make your body feel great or you can try to achieve something unrealistic and make yourself feel bad in the process.

4) Skinny woman are not mocking you.
They are not trying to make you feel bad by being skinny and they don’t look at you as less attractive or less capable of being beautiful (it is not a skill, but a natural capability everyone has).
As said many times, everyone has a different natural body shape and should embrace it freely and proudly!
I know a bunch of skinny girls who would love to have a curvier body even though curvy girls would consider their bodies to be ‘perfect’.
It’s not about beauty, it’s something deeper!
I think society has taught us that we are not right.
So we adapted to the thought of having to change so much that we are blind to the things we already have inside of us.

5) Societys image of a beautiful body will change.
It used to be curvy woman, now it is skinny woman.
It will likely change again and again and drive woman insane in the process.
Do we really want to leave the next generation with the burden of always feeling like there is something wrong about their bodies?
Don’t we want our mothers, sisters and daughters to feel like they can be joyful about the body the have instead of longing for a different one?
Can’t we set a new standard to proclaims beauty to be found in each and any body, no matter how it is shaped?

Overall it is important to be healthy, for YOU, noone else!

Big mental hug!



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