There is no ‘one size fits all’ in life

Have you ever tried on ‘one size fits all’ clothing?
There is a buzzfeed video, where woman of different shapes and sizes try on these pieces of clothing.
Now it may be clear that the same piece of clothing will not fit different people the same, but is it clear that the same applies to life?
I have come to the realization that I look to the lives of others a lot to see wether or not something is right for my life.
Should I or is this unacceptable?
Do I dare to or do I need to?
It is the balance between the things you want to do and the things you feel you should or should not do.
And while the thought of not relying on the experiences of others and their choices terrifies me – How will I survive if all I have is myself and my own experiences? I will have to try everything out myself! What if I stumble or even fall? – the relevation that there is no ‘standard life package’ that applies to everyone has liberated me.
Yes, there are goals a lot of people share, yet life is not found in the achievement of these things, but rather in the midst of them.
Life is about more than the amount of time it takes you to reach these goals and the achievement of them can look very different to each and everyone of us.

Most people stay in one place or at least area for most or their lives.
Yet this does not mean that the only acceptable way to go is the one of staying and it does not mean that happiness can only be found in this.
It also does not mean that you have to break out of this to find happiness, it just means that nothing binds you to it.

It is terrifying, the thought that happiness means something different to all of us and that it can be found in many shapes and ways.
“How will you ever find it?”, you may ask.
But the things that terrify me the most are always the ones which turn out to be worth the most in the end.
And would it not be more terrifying if happiness could only be found through one way of living?


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