changes on my blog

Hello again 🙂

Today I wanted to address some changes on here, or rather some plans I have for my little blog!

  1. content: While I looove the blog posts I have been doing, I call them ‘thinking out loud’ since it is just what I wonder about or want to process in written words, I want my blog to have a little bit more concistency in really giving insight and hold memories about my life as I live it.
    I have been a diary writer for quite some time now so is on my heart to capture my life in written word anyway, therefore I am looking forward to persevering my experiences on here.
  2. amount: So far my blog posts have just been what came to my mind when it came to my mind. Now I want to make it a regular thing, either monthly or maybe every two weeks to update a little on my life as I embark on my journey to bible college.
  3. language: Since I am a lover of the english language I have kept my blog posts purely english, until now….
    To make it easier for my fellow germans to follow my updates about life in Canada I will go bilingual and post blog posts in german and english from now on. That will make each post longer, but it will be the same post twice, just in two different languages 😉
  4. design: I really want to get a new photo for my blog, one that doesn’t show me 3 years ago.
    So I hope to get one I want to/can use for the header soon and maybe play with some more colour as well.
    We shall see.

    Now this was really random I guess & it’s more for me than for the people reading but it’s good to put things you want to accomplish out there, so that others can keep you accountable!

    I’m so excited to start this journey of being 18/ moving countries soon!

    – Paula


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