Refugees – unedited thoughts

They used to be a foreign concept, something we heard of but never really experienced.
We used to say things like ‘I can’t imagine what that must be like’ or ‘in times like those the people just have to make some sacrifices’.
And now that it’s us, that we are the people who are affected by the refugees, we seem to think different about it.

It makes me so mad!
Why would we shut people in need out?
Why would we refuse to offer help to people who are in danger of losing their lives?
The answer is clear: we’re afraid.
Afraid of loosing our lives.
Afraid we are putting ourselves in danger.
But guess what, so are they!
And their fear is much more real than ours because they know with a heart-wrenching certainty that they will get hurt unless they leave.
So they risk crossing an ocean on a tiny blown-up boat without any food, a journey that none of us would ever take because the risks are too high, yet this is their better option!

I get that you are scared.
I am too.
The attacks in Paris were uncomfortably close to home for me.
But I do not think that that is a reason to stop helping people.
If we choose fear over love, there is no way we will come out of this well.
If we choose fear over love, chances are Isis has already won.


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