A ramble on 2015

I can’t believe 2015 is over! That year went fast!
I also cannot believe I am saying that because I used to critic the adults saying that, so I guess I am growing up.
Just this morning I got to hear one of my best friends reflect on how big this year was for us and it really got me thinking.
2015 was a big year in my life in the sense that a lot of big deals happened.
I got accepted into the revolution interns program.
I had my very last day of high-school.
I wrote my final exams and made it out alive.
I graduated and got my first super fancy, long, expensive dress for it (thanks mum & dad).
I worked my first officially employed (contracted) job at my dads office.
I turned 18 and had my first BIG birthday party (about 70 people came) and I cried after because my people are amazingly supportive of what I am doing, even if they have no clue why I’m doing it.
I came back to Canada and started the interns program, making many close new friendships and being challenged daily.
My oh my these past 3 months feel like eternity so much has happened in them.
Well 2015, you have treated me well.
It was a big year, a tough year, a sad year, a year to rejoice and marvel at and look back on to remember.
One thing that makes this change so sad is that this officially marks the end of my life in high-school.
The last year in high-school is coming to an end and even though I cried it out then, it’s scary now because I am now in the position many of my friends were in 6 months ago: what am I going to do after the summer?
I was set with interns but I don’t know where the wind will blow me to in 6 months.
Since I like planning and organising and being prepared this scares me, but just yesterday I watched a movie in which it said ‘ ” I have no idea what I am going to do tomorrow” “How exciting!” ‘ (I paraphrased that).
And it should be!
Isn’t it exciting that I have my whole life ahead of me?
That I get to decide what I want to do because I can literally do anything!
That I could move to Berlin and have a bunch of roommates or stay close to home with just one or move to another country permanently or even stay at home and just go to University instead of High-School.
Figuring out who you want to be and who you already are is tough when you are faced with challenges and obstacles, but it will make you think about it and figure it out.
Last night it bothered me that I hadn’t really been downtown yet to just wander and do the things I love so I decided to go downtown all by myself today and it was one of my most favourite days so far!
I wish the day would have lasted longer but it filled me heart up again and it taught me some things about myself I needed to remember.

I guess what I’m saying is that 2015 wasn’t the easiest year of my life, but for sure the most exciting and fun one I had so far.  It has taught me a lot and shaped me in many ways, but I am sure the next year will bring even more of that.

So here’s to 2016!
May this year ahead of you bring you opportunities to figure out what makes your heart come alive and who you are and want to be.
I sure hope it does that for me!

And thank you for reading my blog, it means a lot to me that you take time out of your day to read my unedited thoughts on my life.

Lots of kisses, hugs & (if you’re in europe) champagne toasts!



One thought on “A ramble on 2015

  1. Dear Paula, it was so nice to read about your year at a glance! This year must have been a huge change for you, but in a good way. Now you’re stepping into the big world and I adore you for doing what God has called you to do. You are a very dear friend of mine and was the only person who helped me the longest on that ice rink *laughs*. Thank you for being there when me and AD got Baptized. Hope to see you again in 2016!!! May God bless you this year.
    Much Love

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