Trials and Tribulations

Jesus. It’s been hard before and it’ll be hard again. Jesus. It’s been bad before and it’ll be bad again. Jesus. It’s been dangerous before and it’ll be dangerous again. Jesus. It’s been close before and it’ll be close again. Sometimes I wonder why there has to be an again. Why can’t it just be once and for all? Why can’t God just speak once, come once, work once, change once and it’ll all be solved? Why does there have to be a process involved? I’ve heard it said to be because God cares more about us than our circumstances (quote inspiration by Brittney Moses). 

The ‘we’ we end up being, the character build in the end, that is what we take to heaven and that is what we’ll be with Him. In the fullness of His glory everlasting. So Jesus, it’ll be hard again and oh what a joy. I understand it now. 

Not only does it refine me, it refines me because you love me so. Teach my heart to walk in that truth God, I need you every day. 


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